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Sterling Silver Jewelry: Classic But Unpretentious

´┐Żby: Chris Robertson

Regardless of your age or gender, sterling silver jewelry's classic appeal never goes out of style. Sterling silver jewelry offers a precious metal at an affordable price, and comes in so many designs that you can collect pieces to go with every style and budget.

Use sterling silver jewelry to define your style. For women, go casual with a turquoise ring set in sterling silver, along with a complementary necklace and earrings. For work, dress up your career wear with sterling silver bracelets and relatively plain earrings, or go with a classic sterling silver watch. Transition to evening with a sterling silver hairpin or adornment, and add sparkle with diamond earrings set in sterling silver. Remember, sterling silver jewelry goes with any skin tone, and is appropriate for any occasion.

Teens go for the bangle and the bling, so sterling silver jewelry in the form of bracelets, waist chains, and stackable rings are a sure hit. Retro sterling silver jewelry styles are the rage for rings - both finger and toe - and band bracelets - both for the wrist and the ankle.

Men are increasingly turning to sterling silver jewelry as a means of self-expression. Whether incorporated into a watch or belt buckle, ear stud or key ring, sterling silver is a classic that never goes out of style.

Caring for Sterling Silver Jewelry

To preserve the beauty of your sterling silver jewelry, follow these steps:

* Exposure to the air causes silver to tarnish, so keep your sterling silver jewelry in a bag made from tarnish-proof cloth, or in airtight container.

* Avoid allowing your sterling silver jewelry to have prolonged contact with wood, as some woods contain acids that can dull the finish.

* Alcohol, acetone, bleach, ammonia, and turpentine can damage sterling silver jewelry, so be sure to remove your rings and other sterling silver jewelry before using these products.

* Regularly wipe down your sterling silver jewelry with a 100% cotton cloth, using a lengthwise, rather than circular motion.

* Remove light tarnish with a silver cloth, available at mass merchandisers and from jewelers.

* To remove heavy tarnish, use a liquid or paste silver polish and rinse with warm water. Make sure to dry it thoroughly before storing it in its cloth or airtight bag.

Did You Know?

* Sterling silver is a metal alloy, typically containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

* Sterling silver jewelry is usually marked with the word, "Sterling," or ".925."

* Fine silver (at least 99.9% pure silver) is too soft to use for jewelry.

* Mexican silver is usually more pure than sterling silver, with 95% silver and 5% copper.

About The Author
Chris Robertson is a published author of Majon International.

Disclaimer: The information presented and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Jewelry-Making.com and/or its partners.

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