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How to Make a Tiger Tail Necklace with Cat's Eye Beads


Fiberoptic Cat's Eye or Glass beads
Tigertail 2 or more inches longer than the desired necklace length.

Metal Crimps
- approx. 1.0mm- for for each bead, 4 for the the ends
and extras just in case.

Barrel Clasp
(with loops)

For adjustable necklace or bracelet:
Lobster clasp
Large link chain - 2 inches (approx)
Head pin and small bead
2 Jump rings 3-4mm

Needle nose pliers
Flat Pliers
Wire cutters

Simple Necklace - One Length

1. Place a crimp near the center of the length of tiger tail.

2. Flatten with flat pliers.

3. Add a bead
and flatten a crimp on the opposite side of the bead.

For tight fit, hang the bead on the tigertail with one hand while flattening with pliers with the other- letting gravity do the work!

4. Add a second bead. A small piece of cardboard can help you space the crimps.

5. Continue to add more beads until you have close to the desired length.

Perhaps 2-3 inches less, allowing for the ends and clasp, or perhaps shorter if you plan to add the adjustable chain and clasp.
6. Cut both ends with wire cutters leaving atleast one inch of wire.
7. Add two crimps the tiger tail on one end of the necklace

8. Loop the tigertail and pass back through one of the crimps-you may want the help of the needlenose pliers.
9. Hold the two pieces of wire flat and so the end of the wire just barely sticks out beyond the first crimp.

10. Flatten the first crimp, making a loop.
11. Push the second crimp over the end of the wire and flatten.

12. Repeat for other side.

Simple Clasp

1. Open loop on barrel clasp by bending open end forward. *See instructions for opening a jump ring.

2. Attach to loop at one end of the necklace.

3. Close clasp by bending loop back away from you-NEED PIC

4. Repeat for other side.

Adjustable Length for Necklace or Bracelet

1. Open one of the jump rings, (bringing open end towards you).
2. Hang end of necklace on loop, add clasp, then close clasp by bending back away from you-NEED PIC
3. Add jump ring to loop of other end of necklace and then add the chain.

Almost Done....
4. Put bead on head pin.
5. Bend wire.

6. Make loop on the end with needlenose pliers.

7. Open loop by bending wire towards you.

8. Attach to chain and close by bending wire back in opposite direction.


If you make a choker necklace short enough, it might also work as a double strand bracelet.
Enjoy your new jewelry!

Did these instructions help? Did they make sense?
Do you have your own to to share?
I would welcome your feedback.

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