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Barrel Clasp Each end of the jewelry cord or nylon goes inside the barrel through aa hole and is knotted and is hidden. If the cord or wire is too thick or cannot be fastened with a knot, it can be held by a crimp or end-crimp and attached to a loop on each end of the barrel clasp.
Lobster or Claw Clasp This is a secure clasp usually attached to the necklace or bracelet with a small jump ring. The 'claw' opens and can be hooked onto a larger jump ring, a large link chain. or a ???
Jump Ring A very necessary item. A cicular or oval ring of metal wire that opens and is used to join components of the jewelry. How to open and close the jump ring properly.
Head Pin A wire with one flat end. If you add a bead and loop the other end you can attach it to a chain or other links for a variety of designs. Add a few beads and you can make an easy pair of earrings.
Needlenose Pliers Necessary for curving and bending wire neatly. I have several if these in varying diameters.
Flat Head Pliers I also a have a few of these. One larger pair that has great leverage. A smaller pair with ridges that are great for gripping but will leave marks on soft metal. My current fave is this one with a bent tip. Very handy!
Wire Cutters I look for small cutters. I also prefer cutters with 'blades' that are as flat as possible on the outside edge (shown in photo.) When cutting wire you will get a flatter cut as opposed to pointed.

Many bead supplies available at:
Bead-O-Matic Beads

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